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I have been drawing and painting in some medium for over 50 years, I began drawing my toys and my family and never stopped.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with concentration in Painting and Commercial Design from the University of South Alabama in 1989.  After graduation I began work as the Art Director for the Talbott Group, an advertising firm in Mobile, Alabama.  In 1992 we were blessed with our daughter, so as with any other young mother time was an issue.  I spent the next ten years working in watercolor, grabbing time to paint whenever I could.

Now that I am retired, I have returned to my first love, working in oils, I have found that my style of painting contains influences from each phase of my career.

I was fortunate to have a watercolor professor, Dr. Lee Hoffman, who was a firm believer that "your painting will only be as successful as the drawing it begins with".  So, you may find some visible drawing in any of my pieces.  I also tend to use strong graphic lines and use of light in my compositions, a holdover from my decade as a graphic artist.  And finally, i find that I enjoy the freedom of the oil pigments but applying them as I would watercolor, in thin washes of paint, building layers of translucent color.

My work is a combination of the people and places I have encountered over the past 50 something years, hopefully bringing the best from all and painting days that are filled with joy.

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